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Our Team


Together, we inspire new talent and emphasize the importance of continuous learning & wellness, staying true to the values that Aveda has instilled in us.


After graduating from the College of Coiffure Art in Billings, MT, in 1987, I embarked on a dynamic career that took me from working in Aveda salons to being a platform artist in Portland, Oregon.

In 2004, I opened Rituals Day Spa and Salon, which continues to thrive today. My true passion, however, lies in education and mentoring. This passion led me to create the Raw Talent Education Program at Rituals in 2006, where I dedicated myself to teaching employees.


As my daughters approached the end of high school, they expressed interest in following in my footsteps. My eldest attended the Aveda Institute in Portland, and my second daughter was eager to pursue a career in cosmetology as well.


In 2019, when the opportunity arose to purchase Blanco Blanco Cosmetology School, we saw it as a chance to combine our strengths and passions. Since then, my daughters and I have worked tirelessly to make the school a beacon of excellence in cosmetology education. Together, we inspire new talent and emphasize the importance of continuous learning and wellness, staying true to the values that Aveda has instilled in us.


Director of Admissions

My journey in the beauty industry began as a freshman in high school when I started working as a receptionist at my mother’s salon, Rituals Day Spa and Salon. My love for hair, makeup, and all things beauty has been a constant since childhood, inspired by my years in dance where I loved getting my hair and makeup done.


I was thrilled to immerse myself in the salon environment and eventually attended the Aveda Institute in Portland after graduating high school in 2018. After earning my license, I was excited when my mother purchased Blanco Blanco Cosmetology School, where I took on roles as an administrator and later as an instructor.


Balancing these responsibilities with working behind the chair, I strive to inspire future cosmetologists and our team. I am passionate about elevating our school as an Aveda Institute, aiming to inspire students to work hard and achieve their dreams, while also motivating our instructors and my family to continually push forward and shape the next generation of our industry.

My passion for cosmetology began at a young age. At four, I proudly declared my dream of becoming a makeup artist, and by first grade, I was asking my mom how to spell "cosmetologist." Growing up in my mom's salon, Rituals Day Spa and Salon, I was immersed in the beauty industry, from birthday parties to preparing for dance performances.


As a teenager, I loved styling hair and doing makeup, which naturally led me to work as a receptionist at the salon. After high school, I enrolled in the cosmetology school my mom owned, where I thrived and gained valuable experience.


Now, two and a half years into my career and on the verge of completing my cosmetology instructor certification, I am excited for the future. My personal mission is to smile and spread positive energy, creating a joyful and inspiring environment for everyone around me.


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