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Aveda Institute is hiring passionate educators for our Educator Training Program, with competitive wages of $20/hr. Plus, you can apply part-time or full-time.


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Instructor Program
Apply for the Instructor Training Program at Rituals Institute

Instructor Training Program

Employed Instructor Scholarship 

This scholarship offers licensed instructors employed at Aveda Rituals Institute the opportunity to broaden their professional licenses. Please see the administration office for further information. 

Application Fee: $25.00 (nonrefundable)

Registration Fee: $100.00 

Instructor Curriculum Fee: $650.00

Tuition: $4350.00 

*Please note, tuition, and fees are subject to change in this constant-growing industry.


Instructor Training Program Objectives

Aveda Institute's Instructor Training Program, 650 hours, provides an opportunity for each student (cadet) to observe and assist experienced instructors as well as to thoroughly study the principles of teaching. The primary purpose of this program is to train the cadet in the basic teaching skills, educational judgements, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to pass the Montana State Board Examination and for competency in job entry level employment as an Instructor.

  • Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence. 

  • Practice proper grooming and effective communication skills and visual poise. 

  • Understand employer-employee relationships and respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received. 

  • Perform the basic skills necessary for teaching including writing lesson plans, performing lectures and demonstrations, directing student projects, using library resources and audio-visual aids, conducting theory class instruction and measuring student achievement, supervising clinic operations, and maintaining required student records. 

  • Apply the theory, technical information and related matter to assure sound judgments, decisions, and procedures. 

To ensure continued career success, the graduate will continue to learn new any current information related to techniques, communication skills, and teaching methodologies to improve teaching skills. 


Available Schedules 

Students will have a set schedule that will be outlined in the enrollment agreement. This will go over 

the specific days and times the student will attend class. The overall hour options are stated below: 

Part Time: 10 hours per week 

Part time: 20 hours per week 

Full Time: 40 hours per week

Schedule Start Dates

Scheduled start dates
Holiday Closures
Holiday Closures at Rituals Institute
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