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Esthetician Program at Rituals Institute

Esthetician Program

Esthetician Program 

  • Application Fee: $25 (non-refundable) 

  • Registration Fee: $100 

  • Esthetician Kit Fee: $1,900 

  • Tuition: $7,800 

Monthly Payment: $1,300 (6 months) 

*Please note, tuition, kit items and kit prices are subject to change in this constantly growing industry 


Aveda Institute's esthetician program provides 650 hours of extensive hands-on learning as required for the Montana State Board. At Aveda Institute Montana we offer this course in one schedule. 


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Monday and Wednesday (8:30am-6:00pm) and Friday (8:00am-5:00pm). 

25 Hours per week with 60 minute lunch break. 


Esthetician Program Objectives 

Aveda Institute Montana's Esthetician program provides you with a complete understanding of beauty and esthetics. Upon program completion, you will be prepared to take the Montana State Board practical and written examinations of esthetics and be ready to succeed as a licensed esthetician. Each graduate will receive an Aveda Institute Montana diploma and official transcript. 


Esthetician Course Timeline 


Phase 1 - Grounding. This phase is all about facials! Students will learn aveda protocols for both basic and advanced facials. Students will learn a total of 7 facials in this phase. Students will not be taking clients on the clinic floor. 


Phase 2 - Nourish. In this phase students will explore more esthetics services! Students will learn body treatments, hair removal, make up, eyelash extensions, and facial devices. While in this phase students will also learn more about the business side of the industry and they begin to explore life after school. Once receiving 245 hours students will take facial clients on the clinic floor. 


Phase 3 - Intention. This phase is all about State Board preparation. Students will take their final exams and begin to go through the sections of their state board practical to prepare them for licensure! The students will finish up the remainder of their 650 hours that are needed to graduate. 


Aveda Institute

Montana Application

Schedule Start Dates

January 22, 2024 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 25 Hours per week)


August 5, 2024 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 25 Hours per week)


March 10, 2025 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 25 Hours per week) 


September 22, 2025 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 25 Hours per week)

Holiday Closures

Schedule Start Dates for Aveda Institute Montana
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